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We love that in Baton Rouge there are at least two grown men who take time out of their week regularly to go play with a 500 pound killing machine. (Hey, Mike's never losing to Ole Miss again, so he deserves some playtime. The football team is another case altogether.)

MURFREESBORO IS A BOMB CRATER THIS MORNING. And before you say the obvious, yes, that would be different than other days in the home of the Blue Raiders, who won last night against Marshall with a breakneck, one hundred play effort over favorite Marshall in a 51-49 mining cart ride of a game. Logan Kilgore threw not one, but two passes tipped, apparently intercepted, and then caught by Blue Raiders' wideouts. The final drive featured at least two passes that should have been picked, and borderline disastrous clock management by MTSU, and a final pass thrown to a man with a DB on his back, and they won. We have no idea how they won, but they won, and like three hundred people saw it happen live.

THIS HAPPENED, TOO. Dan Mullen with a lead and a 4th down late in the game is the most dangerous game in college football.

THIS IS PROBABLY ACCURATE. Especially the part about any Dana Holgorsen gameplanning session involving a stack of Playboys.

DON'T THINK TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS. If Jay Paterno is going to run as a serious candidate for office, it helps to not get too caught up in resumes, qualifications, or other fripperies, and just remember that the only thing a politician has to do is get more votes than the other person. He may be able to do this, because his last name is Paterno, and also because people are not very bright.

FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD. Sure, whatever, we're old and unathletic, and let's all go play for Texas Tech anyway.

ETC: This is not a bad thing at all. Brett Anderson's top ten NOLA restaurants for 2013 would be a great way to start your decline as a physical being, and your ascent as a spiritual one. We'd buy this jeep and let dudes have gay sex in it just to watch the owner have a stroke. The Economist is so good when they're writing up the death of a legitimately terrible person. TURN UP, INDIANA, TURN ALL THE WAY UP.  What the hell, Big Cat Country. Butte would like to reserve the right to stay crunk as hell all night long.

Oh, and this. This forever.