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Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

RIP DAWGFATHER. He took Washington to six Rose Bowls and won four of them, molded Nick Saban and Gary Pinkel, and is one of only eight coaches with ten postseason victories. Wherever you are now, Don James, we know you're not sharing shit with 1991 Miami.

COMPUTERS ARE CRAY. That's maybe the nerdiest joke ever, but it's also a reminder that the first set of BCS rankings reveals just how very, very different the computerized portion of the formula sees the world; Miami is 8th in two computers and 21st in another, Auburn is 5th in one and 17th in another, and Virginia Tech is also 5th in one while out of the top 25 altogether in another. Pat Dye doesn't respect these motherboards because they, like most machines, never played the game, and we say most because he did give his dishwasher some starts at fullback.

MISSOURI'S MARCH TO THE TOP WILL LEAVE US ALL DEAD. This is how it works: if you're going to play Missouri this season, prior to that game, you will suffer a major injury on your roster. It happened to Georgia, and it happened to Florida, and now it's happened to South Carolina, who will likely be without Connor Shaw against the Tigers. You've got over a month, Texas A&M. Enjoy Mike Evans now, before he's out for the year due to improperly prepared pufferfish.

AT LEAST HE'S HONEST. Inept offensively. Not finding any answers. Struggle to do anything we try to do. These are the heartfelt words of a man who realizes he may be spending his first days of 2014 in Birmingham.

SORRY FOR THE FEELINGS. Turns out coaches are not always the most emotionally balanced of people, even after an easy victory. This makes them different from fans, who are never the most emotionally balanced of people in victory or defeat.

ETC. Here is one scary thing. Here is another.