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Andy Lyons

The Shutdown Fullcast for this week covers the following important topics with Jason Kirk and Celebrity Hot Tub:

  • Paul Johnson's talent for building antiquated and ineffective firearms
  • A list of coaches who have beaten Notre Dame in the past five years, including two flavors of Skip Holtz
  • A long comparison of things Will Muschamp does and does not believe in, including the revelation that Will Muschamp is your uncle who buys everything at one store, and does not understand
  • Jason Kirk, imitating Will Muschamp at Sam's Club: "LET ME SPEAK TO SAM."
  • Why Notre Dame and Stanford should be played at a NASCAR track

Listen below, or download here in handy mp3 form. We're working on iTunes, so stop asking.

Shutdown Fullcast! It's an hour long, and it's only for truckers. We couldn't use all the reader questions we got last night, so let's answer them below.

Pepper Rodgers, by far, particularly if he gets a retired Steve Spurrier to serve as his offensive coordinator in a codger's collective in a few years.

Brian Floyd because he is a Washington State fan and has experienced so much agony that the highs are, by contrast to the abysmal lows, dramatically better than your wins could ever be. Wazzu wins are the 500 foot hill surrounded by 10,000 foot deep canyons is what we're saying, basically.

The best part about that: that's two titles since 1999, meaning Iowa is spending an abhorrent amount of money to win a Big Ten title once every seven years.

Yes, which is why he gets twice as much done as any other coach.

Every relationship I have ever had was a total accident, including the one with my mother since I was born through diligent pill-taking. So I have never asked a woman out, and do not remember how I met any of my friends. (Seriously: ask Holly, and she will tell you neither of us remember how we met.)

Because FIU needs a few more games to be utterly convinced of Ron Turner's uselessness, at which point they will turn to the Diplomats for hope.

No. Charlie Strong is the embodiment of male beauty, and can be appreciated by the straight and gay alike as one of nature's most spectacular creations.