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We did this same thing when our computer we played SimCity 2000 on finally died. It's basically the same thing, except SimCity 2000 was real. (AND STILL IS, DAMMIT.)

LET'S ALL YELL AT ALABAMA. Except for the bit about at least eleven other schools offering grayshirt scholarships, including Colorado. Who the smoking hell do you think you are, Colorado?

AND THAT IS HOW THE MIAMI SCANDAL IS GOING TO END, WITH A WHIMPER. If you're looking for a fall guy in the Miami NCAA case, you're going to need pluray "guys." On the football side, that's gonna be Clint Hurtt, current Louisville assistant and recruiter who's getting rule 10.1 dropped on him. On the basketball side, it'll be Frank Haith, who is currently the basketball coach at Mizzou. If this holds and Miami skates lightly away from the case, this marks a shocking "trend" in NCAA practice by going after coaches, not institutions. (This being a trend means you should expect the exact opposite, because the NCAA really, really has no idea what they're doing, and likes to keep it unpredictable.)

SOMETIMES IT'S HARD....TO BE PAT HADEN... Givin' all your love, to just one plan, but when that plan is Lane Kiffin, you're standing by it because someone who fires their own dad is truly serious about success. He left to pursue other opportunities! And Chip Kelly still followed him, because Chip Kelly REALLY HATES MONTE KIFFIN.

JIM HARBAUGH IS EXCITABLE. Watch the highlights of the Harbaugh coaching clinic video for the LOLZ once, and then again as you note that as insane as he may seem, every single cue he gives sticks in your brain. (Especially the one about the quarterback putting his knuckle in the center's asshole.) (Because now YOU'LL remember that one forever.)

TYRANN MATHIEU IS REALISTIC. He thinks it may take until he's 30 for people to trust him fully again. We would so much rather watch the story of Mathieu's twenties fleshed out than Lena Dunham's, or better yet watch Mathieu drafted by the Giants, and then become a character on Girls. ("Would you read my essay, Tyrann?" "Coach Coughlin forbade reading." "YOU DON'T REALLY LOVE ME.")

ETC: Jump in the pool, the water's fine until you get to the bottom and then you die instantly.