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Huddle up, kids. We've got something important to discuss.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Ok, everyone here? Great. Something is going to happen at the end of the night that you might not be ready for, but we're going to deal with as a group. Sit down, Illusions, Michael. PAK, I need you to be quiet.


Either Iowa State or Texas Tech is going to be undefeated once the day is over. You're alarmed, I know. You're thinking about taking over a police station and barricading yourselves in there because the end days are here. But we're not going to do that. We're going to be calm, and we're going to support whichever team wins that game. In fact, we're going to push for that team to be ranked #1.

Here are our talking points.

If Texas Tech wins:
- Tommy Tuberville deserves this after what happened in 2004!
- Texas is by far the best Tech this year!
- Gosh darn that Seth Doege can throw with anyone!
- I'm tired of Alabama!

If Iowa State wins:
- They've got a signature out of conference win! No, I don't recall who they beat but probably someone good!
- Paul Rhoads, so humble, so hardworking!
- They play defense AND they're in the Big 12! What a combo!
- I'm tired of Alabama!

Seriously, we're doing this. This is your third open thread, so just get on board with this plan. GO CYCLORAIDERS.