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Don't pay attention to what the commissioner says. It's still oversigning, bro.

Reid Compton-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

It's really still oversigning that makes the SEC what it is, and why the Big Ten still struggles in football comparatively even though the SEC instituted the oversigning rule in 2011, and Florida never oversigned to begin with and won two national titles while Houston Nutt signed 47 players a year and still ended up getting fired. The Big Ten has issues affecting the basic recruiting patterns of their programs, and has made some skinflinty coaching hires over the past decade or so. That said, we're still pretty sure that it's oversigning that is the main reason SEC schools succeed at football and not because they pay coaches and possibly recruits more, and build obscene palaces solely dovoted to keeping players eligible, and warp the very fabric of their institutions to make football a profitable and successful business operating beneath the tax free roof of a university.

Just look at this quote from Joe Tiller for evidence.

"As a young person growing up in Ohio, the Pennsylvania-Ohio ability to provide a lot of players for a lot of different teams was there," Tiller said. "Penn State, I don't think, ever had to leave the state, and if they did, they went into [New] Jersey. I can remember when Bo [Schembechler] and Woody [Hayes] were slugging it out, and Bo would come down to Ohio and get half a dozen really good players, and they'd go up to Michigan and be stars right away. I just don't know if that's true anymore.

"For a guy from the Midwest, it's painful. It's painfully obvious that they're not up to speed."

Can the Big Ten get back on course? Tiller isn't holding his breath

"It's going to be a problem for a while," he said. "I don't think this is something you turn around quickly. Perception is reality, really."

Utterly clear here what this says: that the SEC is still oversigning people and not honoring scholarships, and that this bag of gassy virtue I'm huffing as a Big Ten fan who likes to make bad arguments instead of good ones is just too good for me to put down. Aren't you glad we read these things for you? You should be.

*Wouldn't it be fun to make a really good argument? That if the SEC really is cheating as badly as you want it to be cheating, that there should be more than three, possibly four really good teams in the league, not the current scrum around Alabama and LSU that you see? And that oversigning might explain a bit, but not the majority of the differential between the two leagues?

And wouldn't it be fun to look at demographics like Andy Staples did here to find out where big, fast defensive linemen actually are, and why they go certain places? See, wouldn't that be fun, instead of making the hot argument of 2009 in 2012? No? Okay. Pass that bag, please. The fumes smell delicious, but if you want in on the really good specious accusations, accuse Alabama football of being a haven for HGH use, and THAT'S why they win so much, not all the really boring material explanations.. That's the new glue in this year's bag, and huffing it is so much better than this old shit. If you're gonna say dumb stuff, at least make it fresh dumb.