UGA bros: Your thoughts requested.

My Bulldog friends (and, I suppose, any Volunteers in Athens this weekend):

I and 3 friends from Fort Gordon will be traveling to Athens this weekend for your friendly competition with Tennessee. One of our number is an UGA fan and attended the fine university for a while before going elsewhere. This will be my (Notre Dame/Hawaii for undergrad/grad) first SEC game, however, and also in our number is a Central Michigan/Penn State grad and a guy from New York (went to Cornell/Fordham) who is straight out of Brooklyn and doesn't understand college football as a concept. We're driving in Saturday morning (parking place reserved already) and staying overnight.

Our goals:

Enjoy the game (we've got tickets already)

Discover what this "SEC" experience is all about

Enjoy some Southern tailgating

Keep Mr. New York on a leash so the Civil War doesn't restart, and educate him about real football.

As two of our number are single (Penn State and New Yorker), perchance introduce them to the fine ladies of Athens.

My questions:

Do's/Don'ts, etiquette wise?

What is the proper offering to bring when wandering into your tailgates (spoiler: alcohol...asking what type) and what are the local laws about walking around with said offerings?

Things/Traditions we shouldn't miss?

Anything else I should note?

Post-game suggestions?

As I said, one of our number is a Dawg, but all suggestions welcome. And why yes, I DID suggest going this weekend because it's an ND bye week, how did you know?

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