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Bill Snyder is going to kill you. He did it to Charlemagne. He did it to Bob Stoops. He'll get all of us eventually.

Scott Sewell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Since his return to K-State in November of 2008, Bill Snyder has beaten every Big 12 school not entering the league this year. Only Nebraska escaped his designs, fleeing to the Big Ten before Snyder could weave him into one of his cunning traps: a poisoned batch of Christmas cookies, maybe a well-planned gardening accident, or even his ol' reliable, the 24-17 loss you would have to see with your own eyes to believe. He'll get you, Bo Pelini. Oh he will.

He has done this despite a.) being at Kansas State, and b.) working with a talent differential most coaches would use as justification for suicide or for making shady buyout and incentive deals with the administration. (Allo, Ron Prince.) The ranking of the 2008-11 classes for K-State respectively: 45, 112,99, and 69. There is a fair amount of JuCo roster padding--a quarter of the current roster comes from the juco system--but the rest is Snyder's staff doing what they have always done. Like old men, they go to the county auction, buy some scrap metal, and build amazing things from what you tossed aside.


So if Bob Stoops doesn't have the talent, it's one thing. But losing to Bill Snyder and Kansas State isn't a clear warning of future sour times for Oklahoma, or an indication of basic trending weaknesses developing in Norman. Losing to Bill Snyder is the Final Destination for every team in the Big 12 save the n00bs, and K-State gets both this year, including West Virginia on October 20th. You don't think Collin Klein can't go 4/29 with 49 yards passing? Oh, just watch him, Holgorsen. You get in the scrap yard, and Bill Snyder will show you what real old man football is, and then perhaps give you a lollipop afterward if you're polite and respectful.