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The Curious Index gets all up in them serifs this morning.

UTTER GENIUS. If you have one of those brains that can remember sequences of large variations but gets hung up on little things like "WAS THAT A ONE OR A TWO OH MY GOD, THIS BOMB IS GOING TO GO OFF AND BLOW UP THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE," then you probably have some difficulty remembering the difference betwen the Atlanta Brave script "A" and the Alabama Crimson Tide's very similar symbol.

This problem is now solved forever by a brilliant Auburn fan. Do not laugh: there are at least five or six of them. You will never, ever get this wrong again thanks to Auburn University, the home of important exploding dog research and helpful typeface mnemonics. WAR SERIF EAGLE.

THE NEWS: Things are a bit different looking around here this morning, so pardon the mess while we move things around a bit and hide the bodies. Yes, we are taking over as editorial director at No, we're not leaving EDSBS, mostly because we don't want to and really couldn't if we tried. We are working Run Home Jack a bit more and working in some other people, but on the whole it's still yours truly doing the Index four days a week and throwing T-Rex warnings in the comments. So be not afeared or too happy: we go nowhere.

AUBURN SEEMS TO BE DOING JUST FINE. So, "clown show' is a technical term for what the Ted Roof defense was, and not just some random bit of talk radio poop you got on your shoe while walking into this conversation. In other news, John L. Smith seems to think Bobby Petrino is just the man for the job on the Plains, even if Gene Chizik has the job at the moment. He also called Arkansas "Alabama." John L. Smith is having a very bad time, and is nowhere near as much fun when really bad things are happening to him off the football field. But, um, SMILE.

WE SLUNT, YOU SLUT, WE ALL SLUNT FOR WES LUNT. The OK State QB could be back for the Texas game after cutting the living hell out of his knee against the Ragin' Cajuns. That's extremely good news: the Cowboys are facing nasty, hellacious Texas speed at every position, and need all the help they can get. Also, congrats: you're not the OSU whose president balls out and spends $60K of the school's money on bowties. (Or condolences. It's so hard to tell, really.)

REMINDER: This is happening, and your eyes will never recover.

ETC: That ghastly thing in the NFL had even the winning team cringing hours later. Good god, Tennessee, get your shit together. #phrasing On this day, the misery ended for Northwestern, and then resumed shortly thereafter. Warning: contains played-out internet references and a middle-aged man in a bowtie.