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The three faces of Sombrero Sunday: the calling of friends and peers to verify that Pitt lost to Youngstown State at home, the warily awake and slightly terrified superego observing the wake of a 17 hour football Saturday, and the soul realizing that Kentucky plays football today. Maybe that's not what that guy on the right is doing, but that is in our case precisely what he is doing.

Site notes: The Magazine will be up at some point today. The Alphabetical and Shutdown Fullback are in line for Tuesday thanks to the Labor Day holiday, and business as usual resumes on Tuesday. We'll post open threads for today (this is the default day thread) and one for tonight (probably the Mag.) You remain very good, Alabama, and surely will never lose a game ever again ever.*

We were watching Toledo and Arizona play football at 2:30 eastern last night. There is no better time or place to be alive in the history of humanity.

*Jerry Jones hired Nick Saban last night. The rest of the season is one long coverup of this fact. THIS BROUGHT TO YOU BY FOOTBALL TIMECUBE.