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In 2007, Stewart Mandel made the mistake of wondering out loud about how recognizable the Georgia 'G' was outside of Georgia. He was pretty specific about it, too: he wondered how many out of 100 fans, say, random college football fans in, say, Montana? Yes, Montana. How many fans in Montana would recognize the Georgia 'G', among other college football standards you assume are universal like the USC Song Girls?

But no one would do this, except someone actually did, and filmed it. Behold: The Montana Project.

To the two fans who ID'd the Georgia helmet at the Florida helmet: you are fantastic, especially if you did it intentionally. The other fun fact from the survey: no one could give the proper name of the USC cheerleaders, showing that you are far pervier than the average college football fan for knowing that. You are a hero, Hoppy, and your tailgating needs are taken care of for life by all fans everywhere. Take a victory lap and savor it.