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THE TERROR. From arsenic-laced groundwater to caring about basketball, the entire state of Kentucky is mad and you know it. Still, there's one thing in acknowledging madness, and another entirely in confronting it.

This man is wearing basketball shorts. You can practically hear them in the video, if you make it longer than a minute into the video, which we did but you definitely should not. In other signs of madness, in the midst of football season, Kentucky fans are thinking about basketball season, another reason they deserve to have 50 points put on them this Saturday. (LOL at Brent Pease saying he had nothing against Kentucky, but yeah, that he was going to try and put 50 on the board.)

THE HUSTLE BELT COMES TO LIFE. Tonight marks the first appearance of MACtion on the calendar, and boy wouldn't it be great if someone had a MAC blog AND a Buffalo blog OH YEAH THAT'S RIGHT WE DO. Kent State, for what it's worth, has done something really interesting in every game they've played this season.

THAT'S SOME GROWN MAN SHIT. Matt Barkley and Nelson Agholor break down film grown man style for you, i.e. actually looking at a mistake the two made on a play as opposed to just going, "Oh, man, that was awesome, you're so good, no YOU'RE so good Nelson." Watch the corner's play on the pick and stand in awe of how well and with what cruelty Stanford disguised their coverages on Saturday against the Trojans.

GRAND VALLEY STATE KNOWS WHAT'S UP. Pay attention, Kentucky: enter the Konami Code and see exactly how excited GVSU is for that big game against Ohio Dominican this weekend. (via)

TCU'S CHEERLEADERS ARE BEING PULLED UPWARD BY HUGE MALIGN HANDS. Ladies, be not worried: you shall be released when OTG deems you too boring to play with anymore.

GRAIN BELT BEER SOUNDS...GRAINY. The B1G is all about those noble domestic beers reeking of cheap grains and unemployment. Relevant to unemployment: Kirk Ferentz doesn't understand uniform variations, and of course he doesn't.

ETC: Hey, Vince Young's broke. The mods for GTA are the greatest thing the internet has ever produced.