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IN ANOTHER OF OUR ONGOING attempts to educate the youth of today about the importance of science, we would like to discuss an issue we believe is at the core of basic earth science. GET IT? It's about the core of the earth, and the many-layered, fiery onion of a planet we call home.


The first layer is the crust, the soil-heavy layer the oceans rest on top of, the layer you call home! It's about 70 kilometers deep at its thickest point as a solid, silicate-heavy coating for the earth's semisolid interior. Following that is the mantle, which under the pressures of the earth's weight become gradually more liquefied the deeper you go into its 2800 kilometers of molten iron and magnesium.

If you've made it this far, you will find the core. Its outer layer is liquid iron, while the solid interior contains solid iron under intense pressure. Oh, and somewhere between those two layers you will find Matt Barkley and his poor backup center, freshman Cyrus Hobbi.

This has been your EDSBS Science Lesson for the week. Someone please pull Matt Barkley and Cyrus Hobbi out of the earth. Additionally, you did not see David Shaw daggering with Lane Kiffin while the Tree watched on and looked far too comfortable with all of this. No, no you did not.