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SHUTDOWN HEAVENBACK. The Situation BOOM this week looks at Ole Miss and Hugh Freeze's holy assault of an offense. HalleBOOMyah!

We also finally posted the DragonCon interview video, where you can see Alabama Zangief just after the two minute mark. The Engineer is truly the TF2 version of Sabanball: a process, a machine, and defeated only by sabotage by spies and well-placed rocket launcher shots.

YES, NOTRE DAME IS NOW SORT OF MAKING THE ACC IT'S SEMI-REGULAR SATURDAY NIGHT THING. Notre Dame, halfway into the ACC but STILL INDEPENDENT Y'ALL, is joining the ACC in everything but football. One Foot Down likes it, especially the part about the move filling in the troublesome middle of the schedule.

THIS WEEK IN SCHADENFREUDE: Featuring much, much Arkansas wailing. As for the Big Ten's miserable week, you can pretty much get it in three tweets, unlike the Air Force offense which requires many images to understand.

YES, RECRUITING STORIES ARE IN-SEASON FODDER NOW. Nothing too new, but the Angelo Mirando resignation at Miss State gets a little clearer now that every major outlet is crawling over the story of a disassociated booster giving money to Will Redmond's 7-on-7 coach.

OLD MAN FOOTBALL SOMETIMES GETS CRAMPS. Florida did this, too, and is it supposed to slow down hurry-up offenses? Yes. That is precisely what it is supposed to do, and does until there's some kind of way to tell if someone's faking a cramp or a time-limit is set on removing non-serious injuries from the field. We're all just imitating Cal's most cowardly but effective defensive strategies against the no-huddle. In positive old man football news: Mark Richt is only mildly injured by fabric abrasions.

ARKANSAS STATE WILL YARD YOU UP, SON. LIke, 600 yards at minimum a game, win or lose.

ETC: Tyler Bray's watercraft attack continues. That's some serious special teams work there. Spurrier should be able to comment on everything in your life like this. Brian Phillips on Andy Murray, read it, love it, rub it on your scalp to grow new hair. Ladies who caught one, the game has been changed.