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No, really, Tyler Russell's got this. He does. Stop it, it's 2012, he has this.
No, really, Tyler Russell's got this. He does. Stop it, it's 2012, he has this.

AKA things we really didn't have room for or totally forgot:

The Alphabetical is up. Loose ends!

Alpha. The bit in there about Fedora is very counterweighted, but there is a longer thing to be done on the jarring contrast this past Saturday between players being required to leave the field for helmets popping off and the numerous players carted off on stretchers. This does not mean that the new helmet rule is not making things safer. It just means there's a really uncomfortable juxtaposition between the two, and we should probably look at that a little more.

Beta. We did this indirectly by saying how badly Auburn lost, but Miss State's Tyler Russell looked superb all by himself. He's a Miss State quarterback with an arm and accuracy. How this happened we don't know, but Dan Mullen is capable of disturbing, spectral things. It's his New Hampshire witchery in his spoiled, demon-filled Yankee blood. He once called a water fountain a "bubblah" in front of us! Just daring to call him a witch!

Gamma. Another sort of underplayed thing: Wes Lunt's performance was precisely what happens to young QBs in road games, particularly out of conference games. Okie State is the same team they've been under Mike Gundy, just at the beginning of the Lunt learning curve. That last pick we talked about was so fucking awesome it really bears repeating.

Delta. We know they're weird, but turning on the television and seeing College Station just sang to our mutant redneck blood. Mizzou's still sort of a weird fit, but being the state team of Missouri, that sort of fits, too.

Epsilon. USF won in Nevada, and this is why we don't gamble on sports.