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The distractions of ladies running stairs in their workout gear proved to be too much for the Missouri football team, or at least for one of their coaches who asked two scantily clad ladies running stadium stairs to move their workout. Football players were distracted by the sight of women. Every team in the SEC East is, at this moment, sending hordes of fit runners in Lululemon booty shorts to Columbia on goodwill missions, and this is why you never let the press leak any practice information ever, Gary Pinkel.

South Carolina might send someone extra-special if you're really lucky.


"Like the way you're pitchin' it around there, fellas. Let's see if you can keep doin' that against those fastass DBs from Hell and Gone, Alabmalouisianasippi, though. Gonna be fun! Don't mind me, just tryin' to keep a little "Ol'" off the "ol' ball coach" tag, boys. Get an eyeful! This is the 'Show Me' state, right y'all? Well, I'm complyin' with local law as best I can."