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"ALL OF THE QBS COULD THROW VERY FAR." Where gesture fails, there is prose. Where prose expires, there is poetry. And where poetry runs empty and sputters, there is song. Let it out, man. Let it out.

"I used to be scared every time you'd throw it." It slips into "Free Credit Report White Boy Shuffle" at the end, but when emotion is this pure we'll cut you slack on style points. Nick Saban has no time for this bullshit, sincehe's just fine communicating in gestures.

BIG BADS FOR LAST. By big bads, we mean big teams who have been unusually bad lately. Paul Myerberg, like every other really intelligent college football analyst, is cautiously bullish about the Longhorns chances to not only win the Big 12, but also to move past that into a national title shot. Naming David Ash as the starter in week one helps us feel better about this, because watching Case McCoy scramble is as terrifying as watching a stray dog make its last desperate dodges on a packed rush hour interstate.

BIG BAD, TWO: The other notable preview is Bill C's summary of Florida. Nine wins and no serious humiliations or outright ineptitude would be a serious improvement, and please stop hurting us, football. Please stop hurting the children.

OH THAT IS WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. Actual game week Q and A's between loving rivals like South Carolina and Vanderbilt. Are Vanderbilt fans excited? Well, no, but "chuffed and nodding appreciatively" is as enthusiastic as they get, so take what you can get from a genteel and oft-clubbed fanbase.

OKLAHOMA HAS NO WEAKNESSES. Mike Price, playing the Lou Holtz game to the Nth degree in discussing Oklahoma, who even Sooner fans admit has nothing like a fully functioning offensive line yet.

THE PAC-12 IS GOING TO THE WIRE. There is no deal done with DirectTV yet, so don't rule out Larry Scott's last-minute deployment of orbital mind control lasers to beam the signal directly into your football-starved brain.

ETC: At last, a way to make my iPad useful. Oh, best belee there's a new TAMU blog comin'.