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The final offseason Shutdown Fullback is here, bringing nothing but good things like football and ACTUAL THINGS TO TALK ABOUT. We're more excited than Hipster Cheerleader at a skinny sensitive boy convention, man.

This is the last of the offseason shows, so that means in-season shows are on the way. They'll look something like this:

  • Monday: quick two-minute weekend capsule show reviewing everything that happened the week before.
  • Wednesday: the lean, mean, and well-conditioned in-season Shutdown Fullback. About five minutes long, summarizing the current status of things as we know them in college football, and easily digestible for those feeling the pinch of a compressed, hectic fall schedule. (I.e., the shuffling you all do to accommodate an exorbitant amount of time spent in front of glowing rectangles.
  • Special video as needed. (You know what this means: anything we want it to mean.)