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FIELD OF BLOOD. In case you were wondering, Eastern Washington still plays on the most gruesome field in college football, and it remains as eye-searing as you remember.

In other color-related stadium modifications, LSU is trying out some new business that makes the entire stadium look like the world's janketiest spaceship or a toxic candy bowl. Both would be entirely appropriate.

WHEEEEEEEEEE YAAAYYYYYYYY. The quarterback battle at Florida could go all year, something concerning us less than it perhaps should because this is a.) nothing too entirely new at Florida, and b.) like Will Muschamp gives a shit about offense anyway, particularly about throwing the ball. If you need us, we'll just be on the internet watching Florida's offense implode as we make a lot of Moonbase Alpha noises AAAHAHHH AEIOU AEIOU JOHN MADDEN JOHN MADDEN JOHN MADDEN.

Also, fine tickets are still available, and will likely be available for visiting fans throughout the season.

USC AT LAST CAN STOP WORKING OUT AT THE GOLD'S GYM DOWN THE STREET. The downtrodden USC football program can at last join the ranks of the Pac-12's elite.

YES, THE FOOTBALL GODS DO HATE YOU THAT MUCH. It's not because you denied Mike Leach, though. Football Gods hate everyone, but especially you, Randy Edsall. Ask "why" again, and they will take another linebacker's ACL and use it for dental floss.

DUELLING PREVIEWS. Pre-Snap Read covers the dazzling offensive potential and defensive mysteries of West Virginia, while Bill C. looks at Mizzou and sort of sees something better than disaster and less than the ten-win mark for Mizzou in their first year in the SEC.

WELL LOOK AT THAT IRRELEVANT PROGRAM PUSHING PAPER. One Foot Down's season preview of the irrelevant Notre Dame football team is on Apple's front page for e-books, showing once again how insignificant the Irish are in the scheme of college football.

NEVER SAY NEVER. Mississippi State's Angelo Mirando could return in theory, because Dan Mullen is a tender lover and understands the ways of the heart.

STEELE JANTZ FACTS ARE IMPORTANT. And are back, thanks to Jantz being named the starter again in Ames.