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YOU ARE NOT ALONE, ROBB AKEY. Stranded though the Idaho Vandals may be by conference realignment, remember: your bravery in the 2009 Humanitarian Bowl lives forever.

ALWAYS GO FOR TWO AT THE END OF A GAME. Kicking is for the weak.

THIS WILL TURN OUT SO WELL EVERYONE. Robert Nkemdiche, much desired defensive end recruit currently committed to Clemson, is still committed to Clemson. However, he is not as committed as he would be if Clemson offered a third player from his Grayson team. That does not include a fourth player going to Clemson as a "preferred walk-on." If you would like any free t-shirts, athletic gear, stickers, or stationery from Clemson, please contact Robert Nkemdiche, who will make this request a vital part of his commitment.

THEY ARE HURT AND WILL NEVER SHARE THEIR LOVE FOR YOU AGAIN, SEC. Apparently the Aggie PR department was a bit taken aback by the reaction to the TAMU "SEC Traditions" video, presumably because they have never been on the internet, and have never been on the internet. See if they ever do anything nice for you ever again, SEC.(<---SORRY OLE MISS THEY'RE GONNA MAKE YOU PAY FOR THE REST OF US.)

IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY. We'd watch the hell out of an FIU/East Carolina New Orleans Bowl, Phil Steele. He has Florida in the Outback Bowl versus Nebraska, something we would like for the dim possibility of exacting 1/80000th of an ounce of revenge against the Huskers for the 1996 Tostito-ing.

THEY ARE STILL PRETTY COOL IN OTHER WAYS, HOWEVER. Like preventing assholes from being assholes.

MMM, CLEARINGHOUSE SEASON. Jonathan Bullard, almost sort of cleared to attend Florida. Almost.

DABO'S OFFERS AREN'T ALWAYS NAKED PLEAS FOR TALENT. Sometimes he offers walk-ons who survived two wars, too.