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Freakbass remains the king of all ignominious school-themed songs, though the list is long and formidable. Then again you shouldn't be surprised, since Notre Dame are overachievers, and will be the first to tell you how overachieve-y they are as they wheedle their way into the new playoff with a possible Orange Bowl tie-in. Florida State versus Notre Dame every year? Oh, get your 1993 pants on forever, y'all.

YES, IT WAS ALWAYS THIS. The Senator is correct, but it's not like this changes anything we didn't already know, and on the evil side it does screw the bowls, something we're all in favor of since they're tax cheats that force fans to travel to some of America's most lackluster vacation destinations to watch nonsensical exhibitions entirely benefitting ESPN. (We'll find some harm-joy in this, because the survival/sanity instinct is strong and necessary.)

HE'S A FOOTBALL COACH, NOT A GUY WHO'S NOT GOOD AT NOT GOING BANKRUPT. John L. Smith is declaring bankruptcy, so if leaving Weber State seemed like a dick move, well, there might have been some reasons. John L. is so lucky the Dixie Mafia isn't in on this.

MMMM, NEBRASKA. Still very fond of running the ball as the Corn God intended.

HOLD ON THERE SIR. Colorado WR Paul Richardson's feeling really good about his healing ACL, perhaps a bit too good according to the training staff. Richardson is particularly important for the Colorado offense because he is the entire Colorado offense. (Via.)

ETC: Frank Ocean's brave as hell. Let's play "Florida human resources decisions." Mozart on Facebook would have been a magnificent thing. GO FIND THE GOD PARTICLE [chomps furiously] [accidentally turns on the LHC on high] [OOPS]