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OHHHH IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR. The Big Ten launches its 2012 Media Days this year, and one person not attending: Silas Redd, the Penn State running back who appears to be all but out the door to USC. He's been subbed out at the last minute in the list of PSU players attending, but the good news for Penn State is that he's the only player scrubbed thus far, and other players really, really don't seem to enjoy being stalked outside their apartments by coaches from other schools.

Mandatory Jim Delany, thrilled that his conference is making headlines for all the right reasons.

The cavalcade starts at 11:00 a.m., and is available streaming on ESPN3. Ooh! Someone ask Bill O'Brien a highly technical question about whether he knew if Penn State's President didn't involve the Board of Trustees in the decision to accept the NCAA"s punishments, and if Penn State appears to have had no idea who was in charge during this whole thing. Tony Barnhart even thinks this whole thing was a mess. TONY BARNHART IS NOT PUNK "FUCK YOU DAD" BLOGGER MATERIAL.

MATT BARKLEY IS GOING TO WIN THE INTERNET HEISMAN BEFORE SEPTEMBER. Doing a Reddit AMA is certainly the way to do this, Matt Barkley.

NORTHWESTERN REALLY EMBRACES PURPLE. Under Armour thinks a chest stripe on a uniform is a good idea, and if there's one thing we like looking at in a football game, it's players who look like they're all wearing some kind of purple banded heart monitor. They're not bad on the whole, though, and avoid completely strange things like the Boise State booty-stripes that Nike enjoys stumbling facefirst into on an annual basis. (We have come to love the Maryland state flag helmets and shoulder patches, because we like acid.)

MORE BIG TEN FANCINESS. Michigan's also got their Cowboy Classic unis up, and it's becoming readily apparent that you're going to have to get very creative to screw up a maize-and-blue variant. The colors are the Garanimals of college football: they pretty much look good no matter what you do, even in the hands of the most demented uniform designer. The gloves are BAWSE, and are indicators of our society's sad focus on flash over substance. The second part of that sentence is sponsored by NDNation and stop looking at us before you get your poor on us.

AWWW COME ON HE SEEMS DURABLE. NIU parts ways with linebacker Devon Butler, who needs new friends after being stabbed and shot in the past year.

"LIKE SHARKS TO BLOOD." The SMU scandal's aftermath had a coach-poach period similar to Penn State's, and it was just as weird for the players involved.