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THIS WORKED LIKE CRAZY IN 1986. You know the lateral play on kickoffs that almost never works, and often results in a fumble and touchdown for the kicking team? There's a reason people try it, and that reason is Florida State's Dexter Carter against Miami in 1986.

See, when your coach calls that this fall and it dribbles into the endzone to be recovered for a TD, just claim you were being nostalgic, not inept. (HT: Tomahawk Nation.)

WHO'S INTERESTED IN PENN STATE PLAYERS? Everyone, if everyone includes UCF, Syracuse, and Iowa. They are not alone, of course; the usual suspects in the SEC have popped up, and those most enthusiastic about this are not the widely speculated Franklins and Freezes of the world. (Hint: just take the most desperate currently employed recruiters you usually think of when you think of "SEC's Most Shameless Hucksters," and you'll find them soon enough.) Meanwhile, Michigan gets Ross Douglas the old-fashioned way: with a decommit. FIGHT!

THAT YAHOO YOU HEARD IN THE BACKGROUND WAS AN OFFICIAL BIG 12 YAHOO. We all suspected drunk West Virginia fans when we heard yelling in the background during Mike Gundy's Big 12 Media Days appearance, and we were half-right. The West Virginia mascot is technically the biggest fan of WVU football, though he was stone sober in the lobby doing pushups for fans and singing the WVU fight song with the team's current center Joe Madsen.

He even said Hi! to Bob Stoops! With a rifle in his hand!

"Hey, Oklahoma," he said with his rifle in one hand and the coonskin cap perched atop his head. "See you in Morgantown Nov. 17."

There were gasps and laughs, smiles and winces and then a reply from Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops.

"We'll be there," he said.

Oh, this was such a fantastic move, Mountaineers, and hopefully a terrifying November shootout between the Sooners and the 'Eers will prove us right. CREEPING EVIL FOG IN THE STADIUM, SOONERS. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN EVIL FOG.

MIND YOU: The 'Eers have their own possible Riot Bowl on the road to attend, and will do so on a Friday night now. Tessitore Watch in effect for Ames for the next three months.

ABOUT THE ENIGMATIC SOONERS. It'd be nice for the Sooners to have a running game this year, if only so we can all properly evaluate what Landry Jones really is as a quarterback (besides "merely very good.") Just assume the rash of injuries last year was Iowa's running back virus blowing down from the north, and that prevailing weather patterns have hopefully changed.

YOU ARE ALL HORRIBLE PEOPLE. The Twitter recruitment of Silas Redd quickly devolved into the morass of poorly thought out argument, blatant harassment, lying, intimidation, and all the other things we like to associate with being a real fan of a sporting team on the internet. The lesson from this: there are a lot of people in this world that you never, ever want to date for any reason whatsoever.

NOTRE DAME JUST LETS YOU FILL IN THE "M." Dude duh the M is in the middle maybe you'res should stand for moron guh i want five minutes of my life back call urself a writer get ur fax straight. At least we don't have immoral text like these gloves someone fire Brian Kelly and bring real character back to South Bend plz.

SURE, LET'S PREVIEW BOSTON COLLEGE FOOTBALL BECAUSE LOLLLLLL BOSTON COLLEGE. Does it look good for Boston College this year? Does the Pope wear a bear shitting in the woods as a hat? Ha, both of these are utterly nonsensical questions to which the answer is "no, that is technically impossible."

PAUL JOHNSON SUPPORTS A 16 TEAM PLAYOFF. Not that you care what Paul Johnson thinks, and especially not because Paul Johnson cares what you think, son.

ETC: Full listen of the new Passion Pit album. Jon Bois should basically just run the Olympics, or at least do it when he's not working at Radio Shack. Auburn fashion in the 1970s is just as splendiferous as you might imagine. Baseball: best when consumed only in GIF form.