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We were thinking of doing a preview of the 2012 Kentucky Wildcats, but this eliminated the need to do so completely.

The magic pen calls for Kentucky to go undefeated, win the SEC East and the SEC title, and to then shock the world. We will now present the predictions for each game with accompanying points spreads.

Louisville: Currently a ten point favorite over Kentucky. Casual Gamer Reed: "THAT WILL BE A EASY WIN."

Kent State: A thirteen point underdog. CGR: "EASY."

Western Kentucky: Ten point underdogs. Cutting, in-depth analysis: "EASY. [CHECK MARK]"

Florida: "THAT WILL BE A TWENTY POINT WIN. WE WILL BREAK FLORIDA'S STREAK." The spread on this game is currently Florida by 24 points.

South Carolina: Kentucky are dogs by 17 in what is described only as "ANOTHER EASY WIN."

Mississippi State: Doesn't even merit the respect of a full subclause, only gets "EASY." Currently favored over Kentucky by 11.5 points.

Arkansas: "TWENTY ONE POINT WIN, DON'T BE FULLED." Razorbacks favored by 24.5 points.

Georgia: "TWENTY ONE." As in points Kentucky will beat UGA by in a 17.5 point spread favoring the Bulldogs.

Missouri: Rare respect, since Mizzou "WILL GIVE US OUR BEST GAME OF THE YEAR." Only a seven point win for Kentucky, which is a 24 point swing from what professional gamblers are telling you at this point.

Vandy: "ANOTHER EASY WIN." James Franklin is going to beat you up so hard for saying that, and Vegas gently concurs by favoring Vandy by a mere four points at this time.

Samford: "THAT WILL BE REAL EASY." Okay, it probably will.

Tennessee: Even with last year, the Vols are favored by 20 points here. So naturally, "THE STREAK WILL CONTINUE, EASY WIN."

So, that was easy. Just Kentucky "SHOCKING THE WORLD" and going 12-0 this year by beating seven teams they currently are expected to lose to double digits to in one of the toughest conferences in college football. The best state at internet and mouth cancer is Kentucky, and no one can ever take either away from them ever. Phil Steele, your computers cain't ever measure the most important piece of data: the heart. (Via)