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KNILE DAVIS IS STRONG. "Bro his range of motion is shit," says the dude squatting with exactly 135 pounds of octagonal weights on his back.

Knile Davis is doing that on a rebuilt knee ankle. Knile Davis is a terrifying person.

THE CHAMPIONS BOWL TO THE ATL. Chick-Fil-A bowl officials were at SEC Media Days for a lot of reasons--ongoing partnerships, schmoozing media, and passing out free sandwich cards--but one of them had to be lobbying for the Champions Bowl, the proposed Big 12/SEC matchup bypassing the old bowl structure and funneling sweet tv and ticket money directly into the potato-chip laden pockets of the conference masters. (The Big 12 will eventually go to twelve teams, but whether the bowl and a requirement of conference championship for eligibility is any catalyst in this process whatsoever is unknown.)

NO, PLEASE THERE'S A LOT TO WALK TO LIKE THE BONEFISH GRILL, AND THE CHICK-FIL-A. The weirdest part about this article is Charles Bloom of the SEC suggesting there's a lot to walk to at SEC Media Days, something that is technically true if you want to cross the six lane road out in front of the hotel and go to the Ross Fabrics across the street.

NO ONE IS GIVING JIM DELANY A DISINTEGRATION RAY. The Big Ten has shot down the report of Jim Delany having executive powers to fire coaches, saying the proposal was merely one of a full range of possibilities discussed amongst Big Ten Presidents and members, and is not being considered as a viable option. Jim Delany can still wear a wizard's hat and hold a ceremonial wand if he likes, though, and is in fact encouraged to do so.

HEY HEY HEY GUYS TAYLOR'S THROWING TAYLOR'S THROWING-- The look on the guys in the background is just the same as yours when you watch Taylor Martinez throw a football.

TOM O'BRIEN JUST WANTS TO BE TOM O'BRIEN AGAIN. It feels weird to say this, but Tom O'Brien would just love to be Boston College-level consistent again as head coach at NC State.

CLEMSON CONDITIONING HAS TAKEN A WEIRD TURN. Or you just have a walk-on ex-Marine hanging around, and they're liable to take what you consider to be unbearable, heinous workouts and then do them wearing body armor, extra weight, and a gas mask. (Via.)

ETC: You may not be on board with this yet, but read the whole thing and hear him out. CMT truly is the greatest channel on television. Another thing we missed in the timewarp of SEC Media Days: men standing under nuclear explosions. Just look at all that man, waving like the tides. RICK ROSS LOVES THAT CHEESE. Five hip-hop singles you should listen to this week includes drunk Jay-Z! There's nothing to be said about Colorado this morning other than thoughts, prayers. The same can be said for the Reyna family.