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We have to hit the road to get to Birmingham, so business will be light here for the morning. We'll resurface in the 'Ham at the Wynfrey around 2 p.m. Eastern when Steve Spurrier opens things up as he always does: by gimping to the podium, cocking his head to the side, clearing his throat, and saying "Waylll this is my 839th SEC Media Days, and I'm a better coach than Nick Saban." He may not say the last part, but you know he's thinking it.

In the meantime, please print out your SEC Media Days Bingo 2012 card, and have it at the ready for the open thread with embeddable video we'll post before it begins.


We cannot wait for Clay Travis to ask Hugh Freeze about his sex life. Until then, wish us luck because we are going to have to drive through Alabama this morning, and we all know how that goes for the unfortunate traveller just trying to get back to civilization one day.