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WE ARE OUTRAGED. Not really, they're cool, though in this photo the player in question--Ryan Nehlen, wide receiver and grandson of WVU coach and Hall of Famer Don Nehlen--appears to be mortified that you caught him wearing only one arm sleeve. If you can inform us exactly what an arm sleeve does to enhance your athletic performance, please do. (Via)

IT'S COOL, WE'VE GOT THIS. At least three of the power conferences in college football's commissioners will be on the committee responsible for dividing the money made by the new college football playoff. We're sure they can handle this in a manner that [/grabs fistfuls of cash and stuffs into shirt and pants and whatever will hold more cash.]

DON'T WORRY FANS OF VAGUE HIERARCHIES. The playoff committee, whoever they may be, will be required to put out a top 20 poll starting sometime halfway through the season. We expect this to be the first moment college football completely collapses Twitter. Bobby Bowden's ballot with a three loss Miami team at #4? Oh yes, please, yes yes yes yes. (See? Still plenty of things for argument junkies to bitch about.)

CHUCK NEINAS CONFIRMS THAT NOTRE DAME IS STILL WORTH SOME UNDEFINED AMOUNT OF AMERICAN MONEY. Emails confirm: you're still worth something, at least to Chuck Neinas. (Via)

NEIRON BALL IS FEELING MUCH BETTER. You know, after growing up without parents and then having a life-threatening vascular condition in his brain almost end his football career. The Florida linebacker will play this fall, and that's wonderful news you should be happy about in the simplest, nicest way possible.

A RADICAL SOLUTION. But given Penn State's situation right now, it makes some sense. (SOME.) After the ball's kicked, though, this will probably fade, since actual sport has a way of completely realigning what people think about an athlete/team/school.

THEME SONG PLEASE. The Black Heart Gold Podcast has two attractions: Blutarsky, and more impressively, an astonishing new theme song.

THERE IS NO PREVIEW HERE. Placeholder. Things that don't exist. Someone who accuses Bill C. of not doing enough research on nonexistent school in the comments. Deep laughing over this discussion over nothing.

ETC: We wrote about the TDF for those looking for a guide of no depth and dubious Frenchness. Oh, hello Pyro.