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CSN Philly scribe Reuben Frank had a moment we can all relate to Monday morning when cognitive dissonance got the best of him:

We've all been there. His tweet before referenced Jerome Brown, who actually passed prematurely 20 years ago today, but the Graham reference makes the gaffe all the more bizarre.

The alternative explanation is that Frank simply knows him sports history better than the rest of us. Sure the lamestream media wants us to believe Reggie White actually died December 26th, 2004, but what are facts if not prefabricated carefully carved talking points watered down and force fed as an opiate for the masses? Open your eyes. #ILLUMINATI

We thought what better way to shed some light on *REAL* history then by remembering some of the important things that happened on this day throughout history:

  • Rick Neuheisel is dismissed as Washington's coach, kicking off a chain of events that will lead to Ernest Hemingway's suicide. Know what I mean, Vern?
  • UNC celebrates 5,000 days without an NCAA violation.
  • We mourn the 30th anniversary of the untimely passing of Portage County midget clown wrestling champion, Nicholas Sabanwhacky.
  • Taylor Martinez throws five completions in a row for the first time ever. (NOTE: may actually be real)
  • Ohio State celebrates its first tattoo with a commemorative tattoo.
  • Happy 100th anniversary, Alabama's 12th national championship.
  • Today, Jim L. Mora and his Atlanta Falcons will receive a welcome at the White House celebrating their Super Baahahahahaha I can't do it.
  • On this day 47 years ago, Nick Saban's apathy ended U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

  • In 1965, landmark NCAA legislation made it illegal for mutants to play college football. We'll never forget Xavier's School for The Gifted and their 27 consecutive NCAA national championships.

  • 1995 - Les Miles saw a turtle for the first time causing him to at long last no longer believe in the Easter Bunny.
  • Tennessee completes stadium expansion, making it the largest athletic venue built entirely out of day-old pastry.
  • A small mule kicked the game winning field goal for Yale to defeat Harvard, 9-6. That mule later became secretary of state.
  • Rutgers plays the first college football game, beating UCF in the MicronPC Bowl.
  • Knute Rockne name checked the deceased George GIpp in his famous "let your freak flag fly" speech.
  • The forward pass is adopted when President Teddy Roosevelt demands more laughing at Reggie Ball's expense.
  • Alabama wins its record 75th national championship with a roster composed entirely of mallwalkers with inexhausted eligibility.
  • Happy 27th birthday to University of Texas-San Antonio Spurs head coach, Larry Coker!