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THOSE WVU HELMETS, MAN. They're so cool, but when you blow a 35-8 lead in them, we understand why you don't use them ever again.

The bongo really doesn't play a large enough role in our football soundtracks these days.

GRRRR GET SOME AAARRRGHHHH. Urban Meyer was a high school coach once, and for a brief time was a raging, sprinting shirtless high school coach.

"I remember him ripping his shirt off and running as an offensive player," Specht said. "He dared them to try to catch him. "Hey, when you're 21 and in shape you can do that crap. When you're 45 like we are now, no way."

Charlie Strong agrees, but only because he doesn't want everyone to feel bad in comparison to his epic, wife-slaying swoleness. You have to keep your players confident, no?

ON THAT CONFIDENCE BUSINESS. Geek out on this account of Louisville's offseason work, but also note that Teddy Bridgewater, the occasionally brilliant but really raw QB, saw exactly what you saw when he watched the film.

"It's amazing. He watched the video in the winter and maybe was a little defensive, thinking, 'It wasn't really how coach saw it.' The other day Teddy came in and said, 'I can't believe I did what I did. That's not happening again.'"

As Bruce Banner would put it, "Let's see if the Other Guy will let that happen."

HHAHHAAH STARBURST PLAY FOREVER. Don't ever try it, but Steve Spurrier did and let's all thank him for that.

CONGRATULATIONS ARE DUE. Texas WR Marquise Goodwin qualified for the Olympics in the long jump, and awesome for him for that. Jeff Demps had a miserable run at the trials and did not qualify for the Olympics, and we're all too happy to blame Charlie Weis for that.

JIM MORA CLEARLY UNDERSTANDS HOW THIS LA FOOTBALL THING WORKS. Well, at least part of it, the "recruit famous people and watch Angelenos drop their pants for even D-list celebrities." When someone offers the Brant Brothers dual scholarships, please let us know so we can instantly hate this team forever and ever and ever. (It'll be Lane Kiffin. Just watch.)

JUST KEEPING OUR BLUE TOOTHBRUSH RIGHT NOW. Boise is still technically in the Mountain West, and all relevant social media statuses read "It's complicated" at this point.

ETC. It's Monday, and here's the full Jesse Owens: American Experience because you don't need to work. (Thank Eleven Warriors for that.) Law: it's often written very poorly.