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OUR VERY OWN OVERTON WINDOW. Graphs and theory help explain most everything, and that certainly goes for the idea of the BCS' Overton Window in determining what the exact format of impending college playoff will be. In short: anticipate more shit-talking from all concerned, and then a gentle, slow consensus of well-monied harmony.

STEVE "STARKKILL" SPURRIER. History is weird, part eleventy billion.

FREE THIS FREE SPEECH LEGEND. The idea of anyone in Miami questioning someone else's moral character is like, the most Miami thing ever, so just let Luther Campbell coach football because really, have you seen how many people really care about anything in Florida? Anything, at all? Keep the ones who do around, even if they did record such immortal hits as "The Fuck Shop" and "Doo Doo Brown."

LET'S NOT BURN ANY BRIDGES. This will end with an arson charge for someone if/when a recruit REALLY decides to take the next step, play the hat game on Signing Day, and then set their entire high school gym on fire on live television.

IT WAS KIND OF A BIG DEAL. Maize and Brew's guest spot at Off Tackle Empire about breaking the losing streak to Ohio State is well worth your time unless you're an Ohio State fan, and in that case you want to steer the hell clear because it will burn your eyes out of your head. (Except for the long detailing of previous defeats at the Buckeyes' hands, so just read that half of it.)

MACK SAID THINGS, LIKE "WE HAVE A DIETICIAN NOW." Mack Brown did indeed say things, including the acknowledgment that Texas hired its first sports dietician, and that Jeff Madden's old regimen of injecting batter directly into players' muscles may not have had any basis in science, reason, or religion.

THE FIGHTING SIOUX ARE IN NEED OF NAMES. Holly has a thorough though certainly not complete list of alternates for the soon-to-be-nameless North Dakotans. Mad Men as a video game really works, especially with experienced LA homicide detective Ken Cosgrove onboard already.

SOMEONE ONCE SAID THINGS, LIKE "WE HAVE TO GET JIMMY CLAUSEN." Via reddit/cfb, the internet never goes away, and indeed tracks down everything you've ever said.

ETC: FINE OKAY I'LL BUY IT NO I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE PRICE. Oh, that is sooooo Dutch of you. This is the truest thing ever written about the internet. Hey, I'm talkin' Mountain Dews, baby. Father's Day gets more special every day.