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JUST LOOK AT ALL THAT GLORY. In an accidental series of CI mentions of weird games, let's take a look at just the overtime from the 2003 Arkansas/Kentucky game, the longest game in NCAA FBS history.


It's really a matter of Decori Birmingham hitting threes down the stretch and Lorenzen countering with some solid post play, but then again, that's basketball in the SEC for you. Besides being Kentucky fans' favorite game ever due to its similarities to a basketball game, the game went seven overtimes deep, featured a 2011 Alamo Bowl's worth of points, and was the pinnacle of the Matt Jones "Snowblind" offense for Arkansas.

The game would end with a Lorenzen fumble that no one begrudged him because really, after the fourth overtime everyone just started praying for a swift end to the game that became something like an existential scenario from a sportswriter's first novel. ("The teams would play forever. They had to. Oblivion was the only other option." <---is rejected by every publisher for obvious reasons, but also due to a graphic love scene between a thinly veiled Dennis Erickson proxy and a keg of hard cider.)

You'd think a game like this and its aftermath would have a disastrous effect on a team, and in one case you'd be right: Kentucky, who went on to lose all three games down the stretch. Then again, Kentucky losing consecutive games to Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee really isn't that shocking. What was impressive was Arkansas shrugging off the game and going 3-1 down the stretch, only losing to eventual national champion LSU. (LSU's only loss that year, something we will never not giggle when mentioning: a 19-7 loss AT HOME to Ron Zook's Florida Gators.)

So, based on the extensive case study of exactly one seven overtime game, we can say this with absolute certainty: if you're a bad team, you'll probably keep losing after playing seven overtimes in November, and if you're a good team you'll probably go on being a pretty good team no matter how many OTs you play. Science!

OBLIGATORY MENTION THAT YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO READ THIS BECAUSE SANDUSKY TRIAL. Mike McQueary's testimony went well for the prosecution, but everything seems to be lining up for them thanks to a.) overwhelming evidence, and b.) a defense attorney who appears to be suffering a continuous series of minor strokes.

1901 GEORGIA FOOTBALL LOOKS A LOT LIKE 2012 GEORGIA FOOTBALL. Please remember that Georgia football's arrest record is a tailored one, chocked full of people getting too drunk in the Drunkard's Habitrail of Athens and winding up in the hands of the police. Judging by the historical record, this has always been the case. Further clarifications: Florida = weed, Tennessee = random assign-a-crime, and Florida State = "problems with obeying officer's orders during routine stops."

ATHENS STRIKES AGAIN, AGAIN. The siren call of cheap draft beer even crosses battle lines thought unbreachable, since Georgia Tech players are just as susceptible to the Clarke County Bermuda Triangle. Points to be awarded in Fulmer Cupdate later today.

IT'S DUMB Y'ALL, STOP THAT. Blutarsky's pro-legalization, a stance you sort of have to just come out and say when discussing whether football programs actually have anything close to a sensical drug policy. We'll write a bit more about this later in a longer piece, but there's a real lack of understanding about just how prevalent weed is as a recreational drug in the prime talent beds of college football, and it's not the coaches and players who don't understand it.

TURNED IN: The Auburn shooter is in custody, and that's the right call since the other two options he had were a.) get killed by the cops in pursuit, and b.) take a chance at one of the families finding him. In rural Alabama, the last two are not the bets you want to take.

ETC. Did the mothership get someone into the US Open? Oh, you bet we did. (Not that we care about golf, but impressive nonetheless.) Put a player in Instagram's "early bird" and things just happen, man. Ray Bradbury remembered, which he should be because he's one of the most underrated writers ever. Gurgling Cod on the Times-Pic's Brett Anderson fiasco.