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LES MILES CHAMPIONS WEIRD SHIT; ALL THIS AND AN OBESE DOG WITH ITS OWN BLOG AT 11 Les Miles favors a proposal that would send teams to Atlanta based on division record as opposed to overall conference record. No sports I can rattle off of the top of my head do this, and one would think for a reason. At face value, sure, it's not a ton different than going to divisional records as tie breakers (which they and everyone else already does), but could open the door to some potential weird scenarios where a team with a worse loss gets past teams with the same records and better losses that happened to be in the same division. This certainly seems like something MGoBrian tackled when the Big Ten was proposing something similar, but Google fails me. I tried to pick Tiger Droppings' collective brain on the proposal, but just saw a lot of animated emoticons and exclamation points and suddenly I faced a scenario not unlike the Prometheus trailer. The rebuttal "this would make the SEC into separate leagues!!" feels flawed at face value, but I'll leave it to folks smarter (or, just more properly caffeinated) than me to prove why Coach Miles is Coach Miles'ing it up.

SEC FOREVER, MAN The esteemed J-Kirk says the SEC's reign will last for a thousand years or more. You'd be wise to listen to him, because the league is really good, and he once was filmed throwing a football like Tim Tebow for an internet based college football tv show (also: he's most likely right).

I KNOW WEIRD; THAT'S BEYOND WEIRD The Jerry Sandusky case takes a turn for the "lolwut". Prosecutors lazily leaking the names of all the defendants (welp), former Penn State wide receivers coach Mike McQueary (alas, not the guitarist from Pearl Jam) both changing his story (again) in terms of when the incident he was said to witness took place and then suing the university in a whistleblower case. This surely won't continue to loom over the football program for, oh, the next forever many seasons.

HUMANS, PFT Barry Alvarez wants a selection committee to determine college football's likely forthcoming four team playoff field. He was also on Entourage once. Q.E.D.

JOIN A SUN BELT BY ME, BE A MILLIONAIRE For bailing on the sinking WAC and joining the Sun Belt, some philanthropist alums donated millions of dollars to Texas State. It's like that time you brought home straight B's on your report card, and your parents said, "F*** it. He's getting ice cream. At least they weren't C's."