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Good guy Moos.
Good guy Moos.

This is our friendly reminder that Mike Leach will be doing a Reddit today at 3 pm EDT/12 pm EDT. When you're not asking him to grade Craig James on a scale of stupid to awful or asking about the 8==D offense, be on the lookout for his coaching colleagues. In this BOBBY BIG WHEEL SUBSTITUTE EDSBS POSTING EXCLUSIVE (TM), here are the Redditor coaches and the handles that used to make them anonymous:

Frank Beamer: MoonshininWhittler
Mack Brown: OpulenceIHasIt
Gene Chizik: NotTheBagman
Derek Dooley: VidalFiveAndSeven
Randy Edsall: BuyoutKing
Todd Graham: PapaWasARollingSt0ne
Paul Johnson: RunningAgainstTheWind
Chip Kelly: BlurWoohoo
Lane Kiffin: MyDadPwnsADealership
Mike London: SmellsLikeBacon
Urban Meyer: GirlsVolleyballIsBoring
Jim Mora, Jr.: NoTiesInCFB
Gary Pinkel: Searching4MyLostShaker
Rich Rodriguez: UrPIzzaSux
Steve Sarkisian: EveryWeekIsSarkWeek
Steve Spurrier: ItsTeeTimeSomewhere
Tommy Tuberville: N0Gain+CloudOfDust

It's okay, his Dreadness doesn't know what Reddit is either.

Go forth and pwn N00bs, EDSBS readers.