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Hostile, flesh-ripping, and humane: that is your new profile for the Michigan Wolverines. Assume that as the most fearsome and giving creature of the forest, your death by their hands (and claws or teeth or both) would be horrific, but then a feast for all as he/she shared your freshly slaughtered carcass with the creatures of the woods and field. You're generous carnivores, Michigan Men/Ladies, and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

The current stats have Michigan with a wide lead in the final day of the EDSBS Charity Boogaloo, but second has become a race as "George P. Burdell" 's not-insubstantial donations have put Georgia Tech in a new spot at second, overtaking the resurgent Georgia at third. Oklahoma State remains in fourth based on Not T-Boone's donation.

The gates close at midnight tonight, so DONATE DONATE DONATE until the bell. There is no danger of The Author eating any cheese this year, but $15 grand is a ton of money for a good cause raised in five short days. FINISH THE DRILL, EDSBS. (Complete standings will be posted this weekend, most likely.)