The 75 Most Average SEC Players in (Recent) History

Inspired by KSK's list of the 100 most average NFL players of all time, I decided to take us down recent SEC memory lane with a list of my own. I capped it at about 75 because...screw you people it's HARD coming up with this and still trying to keep it semi-representative. Plus at what point do we acknowledge that Alabama has been starting the same quarterback in various stages of makeup since Jay Barker? We all spend enough time reminiscing about the good and great players, how about the mediocre ones? The players are not ranked in any order and I'm quite sure there are a shit ton of omissions that I'll be reminded of. I also know that there are a couple guys here that had their successes and maybe even an All-SEC season, but we're talking about the career norms, not the outliers.

Bonus points for any non-LSU fans that know proper pronunciation of Joe Domingeaux.

Freddie Millons

Tony Bua

Ahmad Galloway

Andrew Zow

Quincy Jackson

Olandis Gary

Damien Gary

Freddie Kitchens

Kenneth Darby

James Whalen

Jerel Myers

Triandos Luke

Joe Dean Davenport

Tyler Watts

Ronney Daniels

Doug Johnson

Gus Scott

DeCory Birmingham

Caleb Miller

Chrys Chukwuma

Madre Hill

Wesley Britt

Tre Smith

Anthony Mix

DeMarco McNeil

Martrez Milner

Aaron Boone

Brandon Cox

Ben Leard

Roderick Hood

Tony Joiner

Ran Carthon

Taylor Jacobs

Terry Jackson

Jesse Palmer

Andre Lott

Raynoch Thompson

Andra Davis

Michael Johnson

Danny Ware

Tony Small

Leonard Pope

Dusty Bonner

Jared Lorenzen

Dewayne Robertson

Norman Lejeune

Joe Domingeaux

Tommy Banks

Luke Sanders

Mark Roman

Brandon Winey

Pig Prather

Ryan Brewer

Jermaine Copeland

Troy Fleming

Justin Jenkins

Wayne Madkin

Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack

Romero Miller

Joe Gunn

Eddie Strong

Chris Collins

Rufus French

Andrew Pinnock

Mike Davis

Blake Mitchell

Langston Moore

Phil Petty

Eric Parker

Jonathan Wade

Cosey Coleman

Dan Stricker

Reshard Langford

Moses Osemwegie

Greg Zolman

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