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We went on vacation immediately after the close of the EDSBS Charity Boogaloo, but yes, for the second year in a row Michigan has won the title of MOST CHARITABLE FANBASE EVER (FOR A YEAR.)

The results redefined lopsided. Michigan donated $6316 for the win. The second place Georgia Bulldogs--even with their best finish yet, mind you--came in at $1318, almost five grand behind the Wolverines. Statistically speaking, this was the worst of Outback Bowls for the SEC.

Oklahoma State came in third place with a total of $1158. The full results appear after the jump.

As promised, Michigan will receive the site reskin next week with custom content exalting the Michigan Man (and Woman.) They also receive their own custom episode of Shutdown Fullback, which is really kind of a gift and a curse, but it's too late to take any of that back now, Blue.


Thanks again to all for your donations. We say that as sincerely as we possibly can from this tub of gin we spend the offseason in, but seriously: it means more than we can say that you do this every year, especially after a year where your charitable donations had to go to a lot of different and very important things. It's the biggest of the small miracles this site's users have made happen, coming just ahead of Nick getting on Finebaum three times in a day and a Craig James hooker sign getting on Gameday.

Thank you.

P.S. Go Blue.

EDSBS Charity Drive - Updated through May 6th (complete)

Univ. Michigan 6316

UGA 1318

Oklahoma State 1158

Notre Dame 1128

GA Tech 1081

Univ. Alabama 808

WVU 470

Clemson 403

Univ. Florida 386

Missouri S & T 380

Auburn 264

VA Tech 252

Williams College 252

Ohio State 250

NM Institute of Mining and Technology 249

Miami University 247

LSU 244

Case Western Reserve 237

US Naval Academy 237

Syracuse Univ. 147

Univ. Tennessee 140

Univ. Texas 139

Texas A & M 120

Texas Tech 110

Arkansas 106

Rutgers 100

UCLA 100

Washington 100

Univ. Minnesota 98

Univ. of Virginia 87

Boise State 85

TCU 82

Kenyon 81

Oklahoma 77

Univ. of Louisiana 75

Vanderbilt 72

Penn State Univ. 68

MS A&M 65

Grove City College 55

Purdue 52

James Madison 50

Make Spencer Eat Cheese 50

USC 50

Utah 48

Indiana 46

Michigan State 45

Univ. Mississippi 45

Illinois 41

Missouri 40

Kalamazoo College 39

Middle Tennessee State 38

North Texas 24

Kennesaw State 21

U Hawaii 21

Fordham 20

Georgia State 20

UNC 20

Harvard 10

Total 18267