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"You wanna talk about Big Ten Spring meetings, Jim?"

"The wolf is the only constant, Adam. It takes care of its own and lives in the wound called the world. She rips it anew each day for the blood she needs to survive."

"So the playoff...that's going to be neutral site for the semis, right?"

"Each day she sleeps with her young in the sleep of the dead damned. Her gods speak to her in dreams and confirm her suspicions that each kill is a sacrament. Do you dream of that kind of certainty, Adam Rittenberg? Do you wish your mute and fearsome God would speak and tell you the murder in your heart is right, and good, and in line with the plans of the elder spheres whirling quietly and implacably above you?"

"Neutral site it is."

"Only death confirms us, Adam. Everything until that is a proof. Our corpse speaks QED, and the proof is complete. Please subscribe to the Big Ten Network. If it is not available in your area, contact your local provider."

"With Jim Delany, I am Adam Rittenberg for"

(Via Adam J)