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Per a Pac-12 Network release, the forthcoming cable entity (which launches in August) will be brought into the world kicking and screaming by a team of boyhood crush Summer Sanders, former SC secondary enforcer Ronnie Lott, and yes, Rick Neuheisel. It's like you never left coach. The real "The Rick" went 21-29 in four seasons in Westwood including a 13-23 conference record, so he's sure to know *plenty* about the other conference power brokers. As for Lott? Well, as a professional, he once had part of a finger amputated and returned to play afterwards... Mid-game. If this ends with Lott taking one of Neuheisel's digits back in retaliation on air, we'll all be better for it.

THE ACC KNOWS HOW TO PARTY The ACC has finally funded a cocaine tuxedo party of their very own after inking a multi-platform deal through 2026-2027 with ESPN (at which time New Mexico State and Idaho will be the only remaining members of the league after the rest have joined Clemson and Florida State in the Big XII). The damage? Each member of the conference walks away roughly $17 million dollars per year wealthier. Hey, at least they're not the Big East.

TROLL TIDE Jim Delany has come around on previous statements about non-conference champions participating in the basically inevitable at this point college football post-season playoff. He's now not averse to the idea that non-champions qualify as at-larges, however, he does believe they should have to win their respective conference divisions. in order to do so The Big XII rejoices, Alabama gets righteously indignant and calls 1800PAWWWWL (which is actually a recorded advertorial for a site where you meet sexy but bookish women) for no reason at all, and god, Jim Delany really, really needs to take a shit:



Oklahoma's wide receiving depth chart now looks roughly as follows:


No worries, y'all. I know someone with a plan:


DYER MAKER Michael Dyer may never suit up for Gus Malzahn's Arkansas State Wolf Pack. Of course you already knew this, in a way. Dyer had hoped to get an NCAA waiver to play this year on account of a family hardship, but appears to have had that avenue restricted to him. It's completely possible Dyer declares for the NFL Draft after spending a year as an all intents and purposes practice squad player, though there remains an off chance he could return for one final year in college in Jonesboro.