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Day Two of the Charity Drive brings us a stunning leader. They're men. They're forty. And, beyond all that, they are in the lead: Oklahoma State, thanks one hard-ballin' donor NOT named T. Boone Pickens who gave a $1,000 to RRISA yesterday. There is a rumor Michigan may have topped this with a donation today, but for the moment the Cowboys Ride for Free and in first place on this blog. Well-done.

The race is far from over, but let's review some key rivalries.

  • Michigan is clearly smoking Ohio State. Pizza-scented salutes to your fully recovered dominance, Wolverines.
  • Florida is beating UGA, but when no donations have been made in the name of the debtor colony's flagship university, everyone on the board is beating them. Ditto for Alabama, whose zero points is much less than Auburn's donations thus far. (We understand, Alabama: extenuating circumstances exist for your charitable dollars.)
  • Case Western, or at least our one dedicated donor from Case Western, is as always dominating the scene to a disproportionate degree with their $239.00 donation.

Prevent the cheerful public shaming of your school and DONATE HERE, and perhaps you'll be the lucky bastards who end up with the site for a week along with a totally dedicated episode of Shutdown Fullback glorifying your school, your football team, and all they stand for. Again, DONATE DONATE DONATE, because somewhere along the line you or your ancestors were a refugee, too.

The full listing of donations as of around 12:00 p.m. follows after the jump. "Make Spencer Eat Cheese" is NOT A SCHOOL. (But thanks for the donation anyway, Sarah.)

School Total
Auburn $57.00
Case Western Reserve $237.00
GA Tech $129.00
Kenyon $69.00
Make Spencer Eat Cheese $50.00
Miami University $175.00
Missouri S&T $200.00
Notre Dame $40.00
Ohio State $44.00
Oklahoma State 1,000.00
TCU $82.00
Tennessee $46.00
Texas A&M $50.00
UGA $144.00
Univ. Florida $353.00
Univ. Illinois $41.00
Univ. Michigan $673.00
Univ. Minnesota $98.00
Univ. Mississippi $45.00
Univ. Texas $129.00
Univ. Washington $75.00
USC $50.00
Utah $48.00
VA Tech $76.00
Vanderbilt $72.00
WVU $101.00