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Arkansas Expats surveys the sad, weird, and craptastic history of Arkansas interim coaches. (Joe Kines! YAW BEE BAW!) They are being quite circumspect about the whole thing, and that's good because Gregggggggg Doyel is not.Kicking Weber State to the curb for the Arkansas gig is not a good look, sure, but John L's 61 and needs some boat money, man. Team Speed Kills says it's a longshot hand at best, while J-Kirk believes this is the most Arkansas hire possible given the circumstances.

FUN HUGH FREEZE FACTS. 1. He has a killer axe. 2. He missed the SEC teleconference this morning, then called in late, and then had his cellphone die on him. This is all we know about Hugh Freeze that does not involve The Blind Side, and thus this session of Hugh Freeze Facts has come to an end.

LES MILES ADMITS TO BEING HORSE E-BOOKS. You know Les Miles has 12 fake twitter accounts, and each one is more disturbing and fascinating than the next. It may also be Les Miles admitting that he contacts recruits under the guise of a Twitter feed where he plays the role of an outrageously attractive 19 year old African-American woman, and like we said, the actual truth may be weirder than anything we could make up. (But seriously, Les Miles is horse_ebooks, and that is fact.)

'SUP, TONY FRANKLIN. The Matthew Lesko of the no-huddle spread offense is alive and well in Ruston, according to Aunt Stabby's excellent piece on the Bulldogs and their slightly different looking but still speedy offense for 2012. Did you know they play Illinois this year? A game you might want to watch, because it's going to be a WAC team taking down a Big Ten team? We're so here to help make your life better.

MICHIGAN, MUSTARD, AND OUTRAGE. This is not true, but you know, it's totally true about Michigan, Michigan-ness, and doing the slightest little thing differently in a place that did nothing different whatsoever for a long time.

ETC: LOL invisibul dick. We'll be on Rome for the rest of the week, so tune in for jowls and talking too quickly. Jon Bois reviews the terrible intros of video games past, and WHUT. Terrifying. Simply fucking terrifying.