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So, if you're from the East Coast, and you're on the West Coast, it does always have this hallucinatory, parallel universe feel. The stores have different names, the weather feels like you just stepped into a pleasant afterlife, and people sort of float by each other without noticing much like you imagine you would after a few hundred years of stumbling around Valhalla. Don Draper knows what we're talking about, though we do not have a house and an ex-wife whose husband's identity we stole and use in our East Coast life.

So maybe, sitting on the edge of the continent, this is all too appropriate.


That happened somewhere. We think it was in California, but you can never be certain. Ron Zook--and that is his name, and will be typed out as part of the annals from here on out--is alive and well, and at one point wanted us to pass the bread.