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TOP THAT FOR DEDICATION. We're not talking about Leach, since he's a.) paid to be there, and b.) can talk to reporters after coaching football for several hours if he has to without straining a brain-ligament.

We refer to our Wazzu blogger Brian Floyd, who hauled ass from Washington, D.C. to Spokane to Pullman to make it just in time for the Cougs' spring game this past Saturday. He reports Wazzu is messing around with the pistol formation, so assume this is an elaborate cover for Leach unveiling a legal form of the A-11 this fall.

OF COURSE OLE MISS HAS YOU MEET 200 PEOPLE BEFORE THEY HIRE YOU. The best piece of reading from the weekend is Bud Withers' piece on hiring a head coach. Most of the credit is due Bill Moos, Wazzu's AD who happens to be extremely candid and all too willing to say what everyone else just thinks about hiring practices at other schools.

"There's the Charlie Weis deal," he says of Kansas' hire. "He failed miserably at Notre Dame, but, 'By God, he was at Notre Dame.' Down at Ole Miss, they have to have 15 people on a search committee (actually it was five). By the time they get through the introductions on the search committee, all the good coaches are hired.

Oh, Bill Moos. Your level of giveafuck is so low, and so very glorious.

SOON TO BE DEMOLISHING PEOPLE ON NCAA 2013. Eric LeGrand, moving things one piece at a time.

THIS DOES NOT SEEM LIKE A CONTROVERSY. It's nice, but he never wanted it, so let's not do it. This seems to be a non-conversation starter for all parties at Penn State, so let's just focus on important things like ESPN's autotagger disrespecting their new coach. Damn you, autotagger. Damn you to hell forever.

RANDY EDSALL LEAVED IT, SO WE PULL UP QUICK TO RETRIEVED IT. Randy Edsall has all these players he doesn't need, and one of them will be coming to Florida: former blue-chip lineman Max Garcia, thus continuing Will Muschamp's stocking of the offensive and defensive lines for the trench warfare of the post-fun SEC. The future is an interior run for three yards stamping on the face of humanity forever.

NO PRESSURE. Replacing the Vince Young of Dekalb, Illinois is not an easy task, but Jordan Lynch will come in and quietly just try to be Jordan Lynch. Remember that name, because "being Jordan Lynch" will hopefully mean "scoring 70 in a 70-64 game against Bowling Green on a random Wednesday night sometime in November." We miss you #MACtion. Please arrive with all due haste.

ATTN: STEVE ADDAZIO. It would help to pull a guard if you would like to really sell a play-action, but go ahead and not listen to Bill Walsh if you think it's a good idea not to, man.

ETC: This article gets so many fucking things wrong, the least of which is the gross incompetence of those managing the University of Florida, and the least of which being UAA's fiscal separation from the rest of the University of Florida. (More on that here.) But whatever, "Bleacher Report of the Financial World." We'll take another slideshow of the "products that look like dicks" for $500, Forbes. "Rack City, Bitch" is not an acceptable legal defense.