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God. You know who's funny?

That Aziz Ansari.

Have you heard of him?

Have you heard his comedy albums?

Have you ever seen Human Giant?

But no, I mean, have you like seen the one where Aziz and the bald guy are like.

Well like they've got this kid and he's the kid from that one show but man.

It's hilarious.

That guy.


This one time.

Blade and I went to Taco Bell.

And man we just sat there and the lady.

She was like.

"Welcome to Taco Bell. Can I take your order?"

Benny totally peed himself, dude.


We sat there for like, I don't know, like an hour?

His 300E's seats were turbo ruined.

God I'd love some Taco Bell.

Have you guys ever heard of

God. Don't ever go there. It's just...Jesus.


Have you ever heard of machine elves?

Some native peoples who party like really hard say they create the very fabric which like our entire existence is made up of.


And they're like little tiny machines.

Machine elves.

Think about it.

Did somebody say Arby's?

Hulu ads.

We need some way to skip that shit.

Just imagine if you could pay like $2.99.

And download a TV show.

And just watch it?