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In many states, crane operation requires one of a number of certifications. These can range from a written examination to an actual evaluative process in which you're graded on your savvy with the giant mechanical behemoth.

None of these rules apply to the pirate captain, one Mike Leach. Whether Washington State is actually undergoing any actual facility renovations or not is beyond the point; Leach is going to operate a crane and you're going to like it. In fact, had Leach wondered into any major construction sites in and around the Pullman, Washington area, he probably would've done just the same.

See crane? Open up the door. Make yourself comfortable. Do the job as well or better than many of the folks that do it on the regular for a living. Think about union workers during the roaring twenties in a major metropolitan area and wonder whether or not there's an oral history of their plight. Make a mental note to look up the ISBN.

Would you expect anything less from his Dreadness?

(H/T CougCenter)