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via commenter Lucas Jackson

The Bobby Petrino era at Arkansas is over. After petulantly refusing to accept the terms and conditions of the punishment ordered down by his boss, Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long, Petrino was summarily dismissed from his coaching duties and supposedly now plans to pursue legal action against the university. Until he lands at Texas Tech, Kentucky, or some such similar coaching graveyard trying once again to rehabilitate his "good" name and image, Petrino will be remembered going out exactly the same way he came in: with his pants on fire.

Say what you will about the man's offensive vision and ability to convince people in power time and time again of his inherent trustworthiness, no one makes an exit quite like Petrino. The SEC's once and former western most outpost will now have to hope Taver Johnson, he of last season's wounded duck in Columbus, can steady the ship and keep the instability and distractions of what surrounds the program from derailing what some envisioned as a potential march to a December date in Atlanta. Somewhere in suburban Jacksonville, Ron Prince once again readies a cover letter which may or may not actually be a kids menu from a local Mexican chain.