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On the eve-eve of Wrestlemania, it is only appropriate that we work some rasslin' into this week's episode. "Some" means like "The entire episode, which is basically our show being interrupted time and time again by a real wrestling match going on behind the camera and occasionally around us."

The subjects covered include how you should feel about new rivalries created by realignment, This Week In Nick Saban, and the logical comparison of wrestlers to coaches with one well-deserved nod to Friends of the Program. (Brady Hoke is George "The Animal" Steele, of course.) The wrestlers are God's Gift To Wrestling, The Washington Bullets. They may be seen every Friday at the Academy Theatre in Avondale Estates, kicking ass and taking names and probably your belts, too. OOH! AND AN XFL TRIBUTE!

P.S. Seriously, there's wrestling in Avondale Estates.