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He looks sad, and should.  Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE
He looks sad, and should. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Montana is not FBS football, but it is very serious football: 19 Big Sky Championships, two national titles, and a winning percentage since 1986 that has not dipped below 70%. Their stadium sits at the end of "Hellgate Canyon," and features a "Hellgate Terrace" in case you don't get the infernal imagery. The mascot is a roaring, inconsolable grizzly. These are all things to like about Montana football, as are the following former coaches and their dazzling names:

  • H.B. Conibear
  • Albion Findlay
  • Lt. W.C. Philoon
  • Earl "Click" Clark
  • Bernard "Bunny" Oakes
  • Jack Swarthout
  • Those are all very good things about Montana football. Now to discuss the bad things, like how they fired both their football coach and athletic director today at the tail end of March, a time when football is not being played and when ADs typically aren't let go without very, very bad things happening. Those bad things might be related to sexual assaults involving Montana football players

    That is bad in and of itself, but football coaches and athletic directors do not typically get fired for player arrests and crimes. They typically get fired when the responses to those situations go sideways, or something goes haywire, or any other really bad thing that happens compounding already bad things. Details are sketchy, and will remain sketchy on an official basis because Montana is not going to help you figure out what is happening, either.

    P.S. This apology by the Montana Kaimin independent student paper is probably not necessary now.