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I like grad-ua-tes and I cannot lie

You undergrads can't deny

That when a QB walks in with a degree to his name

And eye black on his face you get sprung

Wanna show me you're buff

Right after the run gets stuffed

Both Coastal or Atlantic

Gots QBs I can handpick

If you played in Mike Locksley's system

I wanna get with ya

I won't cuss or hit ya

To the break of dawn

Students get their cheese curd on

So Clemson says 'Boyd's fat!'

Well I ain't down with that!

Cause your throws are strong

And your depth chart's suckin'

Farm girls be down for that cluckin'

We get drunk in Branson

Prank call Drew Hanson

Cause I'm Bret

And I'm set

With my new deep passing threat

To the 5-stars in the magazines

You ain't it, Aaron Murray!

Give me a transfer

Line of scrimmage advancer

More 1's than an exotic dancer

So, Elite Elevens!




Has your coach a thing for undergraduates?

(Hell yeah!)

Tell them you're flakin'!




Flake and transfer post-graduate

Brety got quarterback!

So I'm looking at game videos

Defenses falling like dominoes

You can tell that Jim Grobe

I'll piss on his roster like fresh snow

So your coach runs a spread

I run an offense from bros that are dead

But my system ain't for those who don't graduate

My depth chart don't want none

Unless you got degrees, son!

So fellas, if the degree is had

And you wanna run a goal line stack

Dial 1-900-BIEL-WITH-IT

All those other coaches ain't shit

Brety got quarterback

Brety got quarterback

Degree early on quarterback Wisconsin

Degree early on quarterback Wisconsin

Degree early on quarterback Wisconsin

Degree early on quarterback Wisconsin