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Penn State football players Devon Smith (a junior going into his senior year) and departing senior Jack Crawford had their apartment searched by Penn State police. The police get a call about a break-in, and they find some blunts in the ashtray, and then returning with probable cause and a warrant they find some more things. Were those things legal? Some of them were!

After a search warrant was issued, police seized multiple blunts, a bottle of liquor, a grinder, a scale, a plastic bag with suspected marijuana and prescription drugs.

Spice enthusiasts and gourmands of the college football world remain frustrated at the inability of police to understand their passion for flavor does not equal "paraphernalia." The blunts, however, are still illegal. But don't drag the innocent spice grinder into it. You do not know full-throated living until you taste freshly ground cinnamon.

Since there are no charges filed, there are no Fulmer Cup points awarded yet. Additionally, only Devon Smith would qualify for points as he is not a departing senior and still on the team. Crawford is past our sunset date. Don't leave your blunts on the table when the cops are coming over, a lesson best heard and taken to heart by people who are not high off their ass. SO IT IS RULED. Go in peace, inquisitive Penn Staters.

P.S. Leave them their liquor, cops of State College. HAVE YOU NO HEARTS?