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YESSIR. We had no idea Bear Bryant was the master of the slow sell, but watch the whole thing. At the end you'll see the part where incoming freshmen both signed their souls over to the man and the part where they shat their pants with fear.

The cardigan is also proof that most hipsters are secretly aping Bear Bryant's style. (Cardigans, hats, v-necks and plain white tees.)

YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO ADMIT THAT, JAMAAL. NIU linebacker Jamaal Bass, charged with assault for clobbering two band members on the field during a game, pleads innocent but is also happy to own up to smoking weed. Just ask him. in court. Stop saying things, Jamaal, and fire your attorney immediately.

IT'S NEVER AN EASY RELATIONSHIP WITH ESPN. We love you, we make money with you, and sometimes we do all of this while embroiled in a lawsuit with you. Texas won, by the way.

WE'RE BEYOND PROUD. We were proud of Holly in general for being her, but also grateful that she got the chance to do this story. We believe no one else on earth was meant for it.

OKLAHOMA ONLY USED $100 BILLS LAST YEAR. Haymakers were abundant, but so were missed punches for the Oklahoma offense. Their games felt so very weird last year: long periods of inactivity followed by huge swings for the fences, something not helped by their injury-ravaged run game.

BO JACKSON IS PRETTY AWESOME. He's doing his own tornado reconstruction fundraiser, but please remember the Alabama Shakes show and tornado relief fundraiser tonight in T-Town that Bo Hicks and others have turned into a veritable media event. We sadly can't make it, but please accept our support from a distance and hug Brittany for us. If you are there, please go. T-Town still needs your help.


ETC: The GORUCK Challenge looks horrendous. Au revoir to the Bylaw Blog, who we likely haven't heard the last of on compliance and whatever else he likes to write about online. Being a Bobcats fan is sad, sad, sad. If you want to kill a writer dead, this is how you do it.